Wednesday, 15 July 2009

change of plan

sadly the summer house we chose wasn't to be.....two days after ordering they emailed to say it would now be 6-8 weeks before it arrived and I got the feeling it would probably be delayed again after that. So, plan B is the original plan A - build it ourselves! When I say ourselves, of course, I mean Paul will build it - though to be honest I now feel much happier with this than I did about the ready made one arriving - it just wasn't big enough!

Anyway, as at today, two of the three panels for the back have been constructed, the concrete base for my pretty little building has been laid and it's all stations go. This weekend we have absolutely nothing planned, which is great, because that means a full two days' construction.

I'm getting extremely excited about the whole thing and hope and pray it will all be finished ready for our holiday week at the end of August.

Until then, it's business as usual...........

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