Saturday, 29 August 2009

inside my hideaway

i know it's taken way too long for me to update this, but i've been having way too much fun playing in my new garden space. and besides, the camera battery needed charging, i hadn't quite finished painting the veranda, etc, etc.......

anyway, le summer house is now partly stocked with some pretty things, some new, some saved for this very occasion, some old and dragged from the depths. have debated whether or not to add curtains, but will think very carefully before committing to cloth.

we had smashing evening in there last night - bubbly on the veranda when i got in from work, then home made chicken tikka and tzatziki inside while the storm raged outside. looked and felt very cosy with candles and lanterns lit, though think the need for a small heater will arise before too long if i'm to spend much time in there during the evening.

our magnificent week off has now started too, so there's nine full days for me to forage through old boxes of goodies and maybe even gather some bits to sell. but most important of all, plenty of time to relax and enjoy quality time on the veranda or lazing inside on the sofa with the papers. bliss x

some more photos.......

looking back towards the house

lovely old mirror i found on ebay

keep calm and carry on? if you insist............

course i loves you! one of my most favourite pics

just love this old chair i rescued from skip-doom. and with evie's scarf adorning it x

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  1. When the p-a-r-t-y.............?
    & I'll be invited right....!?
    Marion ;0)