Monday, 17 August 2009

veranda and out

the veranda is done! not painted yet as still having a crisis over what colour is should be. all green or all cream or a combination (too contrived i think). and what colour for the veranda decking? hopefully the floor will go in at some point this week, although paul has this annoying distraction called a day job which may slow him down slightly. am off to sheffield for work for a couple of days so will miss looking out of the kitchen window at our masterpiece.

izzy still loves charging up and stealing whatever she can find amongst paul's tools and offcuts - kitchen roll and pliers are always an attraction, however tape measures remain her personal favourite. the pear tree has gone crazy this year and they're dropping like rain all over the flowerbeds - not sure if izzy is the first ridgeback to have a fruit fetish, but i'm sure they do her no harm.

we had first drinks on the new veranda last night with my parents - i even managed to hang some bunting before they arrived - not sure paul was quite as excited about it as me.

bought an old shabby chic shelf unit on ebay last weekend which i have now collected - little worried it's going to be too big for the inside, but we'll see. need to plan my furniture installation carefully - especially as i'm aware paul is already eyeing up any of his less favourite items around the house and planning a removal to my haven!

need to get some shelves put up inside too, for all the nicknacks and books etc (and small bottles filled with fresh-cut flowers from the garden - oh i can't wait!) - though have to say am reluctant to bang anything into the lovely grooved walls.

nothing much on this coming weekend, apart from dinner guests saturday night, so can't wait to play - fingers crossed all will be done by then. paul if you're reading this - love you x

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  1. But darling it's sooo lovely... when's the party...? & where is the Pimms....
    Marion ;0)